Working Paper & Presentations

WP #01

Haselmayer and Horn (2022). Parties and economic inequality: A systematic analysis of 30 years of research. Based on MPSA 2022, Chicago. Download paper.

WP #02

Horn, Haselmayer and Klüser (2022). Analyzing parties’ equality concepts at scale: The case of Germany, 1970 – 2021. April 2022, Konstanz Inequality Workshop. Download slides.

WP #03

Horn, Haselmayer and Klüser (2022). Parties’ (non)responses to levels and changes of inequality: Reconciling rival views using new data on equality concepts. APSA paper. Updated now!

WP #04

Horn, Klüser and Haselmayer (2022). Neoliberal, meritocratic, and “woke”? Mapping the Left’s concepts of equality (with new data), 1970-2021. APSA Paper. Updated now!

WP #05

Horn and Haselmayer (2023). The Far Right is now indistinguishable from the Center Right regarding Economic Equality and Equal Rights: Evidence from 66 Parties in 12 Countries, 1970-2020. APSA Paper.

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